Adding an Example Image

In order to add an example photo to your Project for Crowdsourcing, you'll need to do the following:

1) Upload your image to for hosting. After uploading, copy the link found in Imgur's "Direct Link" box. It'll start with ""

2) If you want to put your example image in the Project Description, you'll use the "link" icon (the hover-over text says "insert/edit link") and use the link you copied from Step 1.

3) Or, if you'd like to put the example image directly into one of your questions/tasks, you need to format it like this:
<a href=""> Example Photo </a>
Make sure you replace the link here with your full link that you copied from Step 1. And you can replace "Example Photo" with whatever example text you'd like. You'll put this into the box called "Question" or "Instructions" (depending on the type of question you're using).


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