Overview of the Process


Gigwalk’s Self Service program provides you with all the tools to build and launch your very own mobile crowdsourcing campaign.

 Five Steps to Starting a Gig:

  1. Gig Description
    1. Brief overview of your company
    2. Overall goal of gig
    3. Main type of work required
  2. Establish Gig details/instructions:
    1. Time Frame
    2. Location List
    3. Sample Photos
    4. Gig Questions
    5. Target List (optional)
  3. Build your Gig
  4. Submit Gig for Review
  5. Evaluate your Results


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    Need enough money to hire international Lawyers and computer equipment to stand up for my human rights and stand up for my children which I have been forced to not be a part of their lives but a separated parallel. Thank-you.
    Kyle D J Matthew

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    Cabdifataax Maxamed Cabdi

    the walk Gig

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